PPP #12: Context, stat stories, problem seeds.

PPP #12: Context, stat stories, problem seeds.
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Sent by Charles Burdett


Context is king.

You could have created the best design ever, but it will never be approved if you can’t explain your design choices and the problem it’s solving..

You need context.

What was your inspiration? Why did you make those choices? Why is your design the best?

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Wrap stats in stories.

Data is fantastic as it offers plain truths, but it can also be forgettable and hard to understand.

Stories are easier to remember than stats, so wrap your data up in one. Give us a person, someone who represents or is affected by the data. Help us visualise.

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Every problem contains the seed of its own solution.

We often try and solve problems quickly without giving time to think. This often leads to misconceptions of the problem and wastes time.

Slow down.

Think about what the problem is actually about. Finding the right source will often give you the solution too.

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