PPP #13: Seek inspiration, a simple pitch, no bizspeak.

PPP #13: Seek inspiration, a simple pitch, no bizspeak.
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Seek inspiration, reject imitation.

Imitation might be flattering, but it leads to dull and overused designs.

Don’t imitate — analyse!

What is it about the design that has inspired you? Once you figure that out, you can apply it to your work instead of mindlessly copying another.

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Super simple elevator pitch.

Want a super simple elevator pitch that yields results?

Give me three things:

1. What's the problem you're solving for me?
2. How do you solve it?
3. Why should I trust you?

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Avoid ‘bizspeak’.

It's important to explain your strategy goals plainly to your team.

Avoid using bizspeak terms such as 'synergy', 'paradigm-shift', 'drill-down' etc.

This kind of language suggests that you don't have a clear idea of what you need to succeed.

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