PPP #30: Fight! Fight! Fight!

PPP #30: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Earn your honesty

Building a culture of transparency takes time.

When a problem arises, don't lose your temper or point fingers.

Analyse and find a solution.

Do this every time bad news arrives, and people will eventually realise that you're sincere about valuing honesty and openness. 

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Fight! Fight! Fight! 

Embrace conflict in your storytelling.

The best stories are full of obstacles and challenges.

We're only satisfied with a happy ending after seeing the protagonist struggle to reach their goals.

The bigger the conflict, the better the story. 

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Personal Growth

Just do it.

Reading a book but doing nothing with what you learnt is a waste of time.

Put your learning into practice.

Start that business.

Ask for that raise.

Land that next client.

The lessons you learn by DOING are the most potent. 

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