PPP #31: How to tell if you’re a great leader

PPP #31: How to tell if you’re a great leader
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Sent by Charles Burdett


Hone your craft

“Great stories happen to those that can tell them.“

— Ira Glass
(creator of This American Life)

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Influence your way to success

The only accurate measure of leadership is influence.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Influence those around you, and you’ll gain the leverage to achieve your desired result.

No influence. No results. 

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Retrain your brain*

Nervous about your next workshop?

Did you know anxiety is physiologically identical to the feeling of excitement?

Try re-framing your anxiety as excitement.

Replace thoughts of ‘what if it goes wrong?‘ with ‘what if it goes well?’

It's simple but effective.  

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*Need more support? Check out our 6 workshop facilitation tips for the anxious, introverted or inexperienced



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