PPP #81: Talk to the caveman

PPP #81: Talk to the caveman
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Talk to the caveman

Ask yourself: would a caveman understand the story I’m telling?

The best stories, no matter how complex, speak of our primal urges, such as hunger, fear of death, and need for belonging.

Think of what the primal piece of your story is.

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Free your team

A sense of freedom can be more powerful than monetary incentives.

This is why Google lets employees use 20% of their time on side projects.

Let your team be the brilliant people that they are, and you will see great things happen.

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Surf the urge

Distractions occur when changing from one thing to another.

It’s easy to go on a YouTube binge because you’re scared of starting a new task.

“Surf the urge” - notice the need to distract yourself, ride it like a wave, but don’t act on it. The feeling will go away. 

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