PPP: #88 The museum of revelations

PPP: #88 The museum of revelations
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


The museum of revelations

Have your team learn from each other fast with an exhibition - physical or virtual - of your team’s biggest learnings.

Ask each team member to provide photos that represent a key lesson from a past project.

Then run a meeting where everyone explains their ‘artefacts’.

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Get better feedback

Generic feedback is the enemy of improvement.

If you really want to be better, make it easy for people to open up about how you did. 

Ask them this simple question: “What one thing could I do better next time?”.

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Seek discomfort

The best lessons are rarely learnt in your comfort zone.

To make tackling new tasks easier, make discomfort your goal.

What can you do today that would initially feel awkward?

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