PPP: #89 The teacher's secret

PPP: #89 The teacher's secret
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The teacher's secret

Did you know that older siblings score higher on intelligence?

Scientists speculate that it’s because of the tutor effect - the fact that they have to teach their younger siblings various things, which leads them to improve even more.

If you want to become better at something, try teaching it to others.

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Not a big deal

When we obsess with optimising every minute of the day, we can become burned out easily.

Research shows that seeing your time as scarce and valuable can lead to lower happiness.

Try devaluing your time to unlock a new perspective.

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Dare to unlearn

When our progress comes to a standstill, it’s easy to assume we just need to learn more.

Instead of adding to our skillset, you could try removing something from it.

Identify one skill that no longer serves you and unlearn it.

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