PPP: #90 The morning formula

PPP: #90 The morning formula
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The morning formula

Achieving something meaningful first thing in the morning can create a success spiral that wards off procrastination.

Like the first domino, it increases your chances of doing more tasks throughout the day.

When planning the next day, think: what will my first domino be tomorrow morning?

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No time to wait

The waiters of Eleven Madison Park have a code of gestures so that they can signal to each other across the restaurant which drink to bring.

Diners are at their most impatient when they’ve just sat down, so it’s important to give them something to drink fast.

Think about when your customers might get the most impatient and cut the time drastically.

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Time to surf

Patagonia was born out of the love for the outdoors, and their employees share that love.

But they take that value to the next level, letting their employees go outside to surf whenever the waves are good.

What’s one way you can show your employees you really believe in your company’s values?

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