PPP: #91 The elephant in the room

PPP: #91 The elephant in the room
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Sent by Charles Burdett


The elephant in the room

While some goals loom over us throughout the day, some are a bit more ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

But placing prompts strategically around the house can help us stay on track.

Want to learn French but keep missing your streak? Try having a book with short stories in French on your desk.

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Take the pledge

Kids’ summer camps already know this trick. They usually ask pupils to pledge to respect the rules and work towards common goals!

Asking for commitment can boost overall satisfaction with a product or community.

What can you make your clients or team pledge to set them on the right path?

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The biggest popcorn

A large popcorn is an attractive choice… until it’s presented next to a MEGA large popcorn that costs just 50p more!

Value is relative - we usually judge price based on category and the environment.

What can you favourably compare your product to - and drive sales?

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