PPP #92: The power of uninviting

PPP #92: The power of uninviting
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The power of uninviting

Are you trying to get rid of pointless meetings?

Next time you organise one, uninvite one person from your attendee list. 

This is not to exclude anyone but to save your team’s time - and make sure they’re only at a meeting when they need to be.

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A high note

Fastest way to ruin a great presentation? Asking for ‘any questions’...

It’s a sure way to make the room go silent. Awkward!

Instead, end on a high note with an ‘active phrase’ — engage your audience by asking for suggestions or getting them to try out your product.

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Embrace the movement

People are changing jobs more than before, even as often as every year.

To avoid high turnover, you can simulate this movement within your team.

Let your employees try different responsibilities and switch up their tasks.

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