PPP #85: Fire up the jet

PPP #85: Fire up the jet
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Fire up the jet

Everything about a plane's design signals that it's going up in the sky, not staying on the ground.

Does your environment reflect where you are today or where you're going?

Try changing it to remind yourself of your goals, e.g. by creating a filming corner if your goal is to start a YouTube channel.

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A look back at 2023

Find out what was holding you back and what you need to do more of in 2024.

Reflect on your 2023 with these three questions:
  1. What made me feel the most passionate this year?
  2. What was one thing that kept me stuck?
  3. What was my big lesson of 2023?

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Force of fusion

TextThe London Interdisciplinary School is a new university where all entrants - whether they're scientists or designers - work on the same project.

The reason behind this is that the problems of today need many unique perspectives.

In 2024, give your different teams a chance to work collaboratively.

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