PPP #84: A lazy-proof to-do list

PPP #84: A lazy-proof to-do list
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Sent by Charles Burdett


A lazy-proof to-do list

For the days when you don’t feel like doing anything, there is a remedy.

The key is to include labels in your to-do list for Low Effort and Under 15 Minutes tasks.

This way, you can tick those off first on a bad day.

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Supercharge your to-do lists

To-do lists are a blessing and a curse. They can be empowering and overwhelming at the same time.

But there’s a better way to do them.

1. Active verb (“launch Christmas ad” instead of “Christmas ad”) so you’ll know what to do.

2. Time commitment (“20 mins”), so you know what to expect.

3. Result (“Christmas sales will kick off”) so you stay motivated.

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Share the stage

Sharing the stage with others can supercharge your presentation. It shows that you appreciate other voices and experts.

Steve Jobs knew how to do that, inviting Madonna or the CEO of Intel to his presentations.

Who could you share your stage with?

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