PPP #83: Celebrate Rasputin's birthday

PPP #83: Celebrate Rasputin's birthday
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Celebrate Rasputin’s birthday

Rasputin’s reputation is far from pristine. However, a study showed that people who shared a birthday with him viewed the mystic more positively.

We naturally seek similarities with others. It makes us feel closer to them.

Start your presentation by sharing something you may have in common with the audience.

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Something bigger than yourself

Countless successful people mention that they worked hard for the good of their loved ones or a better future for our planet.

Seeing yourself as a smaller piece of the puzzle can give you that extra jolt of motivation.

How do your goals serve a bigger purpose?

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Tell your critic to leave

It’s easy to get caught up with minute details when creating a first draft of anything.

But editing as you create might slow down the whole process.

Instead, tell your inner critic to leave for the first draft and just let yourself create.

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