PPP #7: Rule of threes, invisible design, assume good.

PPP #7: Rule of threes, invisible design, assume good.
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Remember, remember, remember.

How to make anyone remember anything: The Rule of Threes

Little pigs, wise men and magic wishes all come in threes. Why? We can't hold many ideas in our heads at once.

When we repeat something twice, it's an accident. But three times? That makes us pay attention.

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Good design is invisible.

When things are going well in a design, we don’t pay attention to them. We only pay attention to what bothers us.

Like an air conditioner in a meeting room. Nobody interrupts to tell us how comfortable the temperature is. They don’t even notice.

— Jared Spool

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Assume positive intent.

Starting with the assumption that everyone is trying their best will ensure you are doing your best.

Even in error, most people aren’t trying to hurt or damage you. 

Russell Lowery-Hart

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