PPP #8: Ego, secrets, owning it.

PPP #8: Ego, secrets, owning it.
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Sent by Charles Burdett


Ego is not the enemy.

Humble teams can move fast and achieve great things.

A team of big egos can be even greater. They create tension which results in a kind of magic a team of humble people cannot.

Egos bring opinions. And opinionated products make a greater mark on the world.

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Leave it out.

This is the secret to holding attention..

You already know the secret, but your brain wants me to tell you out loud.

OK, here it is: it’s keeping something close to your chest, and revealing it right at the last possible moment.

Just make sure it delivers.

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Own it.

If you’re in a leadership position the best two things you can possibly do are: to fuck up and own it, or choose the harder right even at the cost of personal expediency.

People notice. 

Dan Barkhuff

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