PPP #5: Get specific. Hero, obstacle, goal. Set expectations.

PPP #5: Get specific. Hero, obstacle, goal. Set expectations.
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Sent by Charles Burdett


Design for one person in mind.

When you design for everyone, you design for no one. There’s no such thing as the average person

When you get specific, design decisions become 100x easier.

That’s not to say your design shouldn’t be inclusive.

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Remember: Hero, Obstacle, Goal.

We care about a story when we know: who the hero is, their goal, and what stands in their way.

The sooner you establish these things, the sooner your story starts, and the more likely your audience will stick around to find out what happens.

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Setting expectations is a super power.

Workshops are easily derailed by loud people and unrelated conversation.

How to counter this: at the start of a session, say that you’ll politely interrupt anything unrelated to the goal of the workshop. 

This gives you permission to do so without feeling rude.

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