PPP #4: Aesthetics, tension, and Rudolph.

PPP #4: Aesthetics, tension, and Rudolph.
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Spend the time to make it look good.

We place higher value on things that are aesthetically pleasing.

Not only that, but we believe they’ll work (or taste!) better too.

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Create and release tension

A rollercoaster slowly takes you up, building tension.

Then suddenly lets you fall, creating a release.

Repeat over and over, and you’ve got a captivating story.

Remember: the goal of an author is to get you to read the next page. 

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A wrapped present under a Christmas tree is tension incarnate. Especially so when your mother-in-law’s house rule is no presents opened until after dinner! Argh!



Be like Rudolph.

Illuminate the way, instead of talking about it.

Being at the front leaves you vulnerable. It takes bravery to strike out into the dark.

People follow those who front the risk on their behalf.

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