PPP #3: Repetition, gut test, mouth sealed.

PPP #3: Repetition, gut test, mouth sealed.
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Sent by Charles Burdett


Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.

I’m going to tell you that it’s OK to repeat yourself.

It’s OK to repeat yourself.

When you feel that you’re repeating yourself, only then is your message is starting to get through.

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Trust your gut, test your gut.

When crafting anything, there’s a critical little voice running around your head saying ”this isn’t quite right.”

Good design happens when you keep going until that voice shuts up.

Great design happens when you hear your user say ”this isn’t quite right”.

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Keep your mouth shut.

Good meetings help people have conversations they might not otherwise have had.

It's your job to allow those conversations to happen.

Most of the time, that means keeping your mouth shut. (Easy to say, hard to do)

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