PPP #2: Changing, serving, don’t forget the toilet.

PPP #2: Changing, serving, don’t forget the toilet.
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Sent by Charles Burdett


Show the transformation

The best stories show a character going through change.

Harry Potter goes from under-stairs nobody, to courageous wizard.

Moana goes from island-bound royalty, to rebellious, demi-god-wrangling saviour of the sea.

Simba goes from naïve cub, to brave leader.

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Be a servant

Instead of ‘leading’ a team, try serving them instead.

Don’t ask “what can they do for me?”.

Ask “what can I do for them?”.

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Meet expectations first.

No toilet in your hotel room? Goodbye.

Toilet in your hotel room? ... Duh.

Jacuzzi in your hotel room? Wow! Tell everyone!

Before you go putting jacuzzis everywhere. Make sure there’s a toilet.

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