PPP #107: The Challenge Reframing

PPP #107: The Challenge Reframing
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The Challenge Reframing

Is nothing going according to plan?

Jim McCormick, the author of The First-Time Manager, recommends reacting to the problem, not the stress.

When you make the emotion your focus, you get tunnel vision. And you're prone to poor decisions.

To dial down the emotions, you can imagine the challenge is happening to a friend at a different company.

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A penny a day

Want to make your product seem like a better deal?

Calculate its ‘per day’ price, like in the case of a health supplement.

This will help your audience see the small contributions required of them - and focus on the value they will receive every day.

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The gift of giving

Want to raise your own happiness level?

Studies show that performing acts of kindness benefits both sides - not just those on the receiving end.

To take charge of your happiness, start with a kind gesture towards one person a day.

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