PPP #106: A game of poker

PPP #106: A game of poker
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


A game of poker

Did you know that poker players with a great ‘hand’ of cards win only about 12% of the time?

Humans are really bad at probability, so don’t let your starting point demotivate you.

The world is still unpredictable, and even if it doesn’t look like it, you might be heading towards success.

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Proactive vs. reactive

Want to be seen as a better leader? Communicate differently depending on whether your team is proactive or reactive.

Proactive people might come off as impatient and direct, and they want to hear statements such as ‘Why wait?’ and ‘Let’s get this done’. 

Reactive folks show caution and the need to understand things better. They want to hear ‘Let’s think about this’ and ‘Here's some context’.

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The Initiation Gap

The initiation gap is the gap between you and something you should be doing. And sometimes, it feels more like an uncrossable chasm.

To cross it, swap your ‘I need to do this’ thoughts for benefit-focused ones.

Such as ‘Doing this thing right now would help the future me feel better and more accomplished.’

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