PPP #105: The Positive Tetris Effect

PPP #105: The Positive Tetris Effect
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Beat precrastination

Pre-crastination is the tendency to rush into tasks with minimal preparation.

This can result in more mistakes, which can demotivate you further.

To find the sweet spot between pro- and precrastination, allow yourself to do things slowly and tackle the task that scares you the most first.

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The Positive Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect describes the way our brain notices what we focus on.

Play Tetris for a long time, and you’ll start to see 'blocks in the world. 

It works for many things - including the positive and negative aspects of our work.

To start noticing more positives, make a conscious effort to write down good experiences every day.

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Pricing manoeuvres

Want to make a high-ticket product seem cheaper to your audience?

Research shows that dropping the currency symbol ($£€) and the comma can influence the way the price is perceived.

1500 just seems cheaper than £1,500.

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