PPP #21: Why silence is O.K.

PPP #21: Why silence is O.K.
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Don’t fill the gaps.

In a workshop environment, you’ll probably ask people to engage with new thoughts and ideas.

Don’t panic if this leads to silence!

People need time to process new information or generate ideas. Don’t jump in to fill the silence. Give it time before moving on.

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Get to the good bit.

Set-up is important when telling a story, but if you want to grab your audience's attention immediately, start where the action is.

Find the most exciting part of your story and make that your opening. Your audience will hang off your every word.

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Release your ideas.

The best ideas aren't produced by an individual but by a collective.

Don't keep your ideas to yourself. Offer them out freely and watch them evolve and improve beyond your wildest imagination.

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