PPP #24: How to learn literally anything

PPP #24: How to learn literally anything
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Just Start.

Stop trying to create the perfect product or service right away.

No matter how much time and effort you put in, you're unlikely to create the best version of your product from the get-go.

Start now, and refine with time and experience.

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Product Design

Mutate to create.

“Take two ideas and put them together to make one new idea. After all, what is a Snuggie but a mutation of a blanket and a robe?”

—Jim Jukral

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Personal Growth

How to learn literally anything.

1. Identify a subject.

2. Explain it to a 5-year-old.

3. Fill in gaps in your knowledge.

4. Organise and simplify your explanations.

The simpler you can explain a subject, the better you (and the 5-year-old) will understand it.

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