PPP #16: User decisions, taking action, allowing vulnerability

PPP #16: User decisions, taking action, allowing vulnerability
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Let your users decide.

Don't tie your ego to one idea.

Test many designs, understand the results and adapt accordingly.

The best design will be the one your users prefer - not the one you liked the most.

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The most well researched, creative and brilliant strategy is pointless unless it leads to action. 

Action plans create a process for your strategies and processes lead to success - so take action and make one! 

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Vulnerability is courageous.

Some people view vulnerability as a weakness.


It's a strength.

Every act of courage is accompanied by a feeling of vulnerability - fear, uncertainty, danger. To be a courageous leader means to act in spite of this feeling.

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