PPP #15: Spaces, purpose, observance, psychology, knowledge.

PPP #15: Spaces, purpose, observance, psychology, knowledge.
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
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To celebrate the release of our Beta Deck Program, we've asked our Deck authors to give their best advice in their chosen field:


Idea Generation

Wild spaces inspire.

Cai Lun standardised papermaking in the year 105 after watching bees and wasps building their hives.

Your inspiration might be more subtle, but time spent in wild places will help you have better ideas.

To be more creative, spend more time in nature.

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Courtesy of Joel Stein - author of Idea Tactics.




Finding purpose.

If you want to find out your organizations real purpose, as opposed to the nice-sounding purpose on your web site, just ask:

“What would truly be lost if we packed it all up and went home?”.

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Courtesy of Ben Mosior & David Holl — authors of
Strategy Tactics.




Be observant.

Building a product is easy. Building a product people want/need is hard. Observe real world human behaviour to understand this.

Are they Googling for it? Do they click that ad? What do they tell their friends? What questions do they ask about it?

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Courtesy of Tom Kerwin — author of
Research Tactics.



UX Design

Psychology is paramount.

Understanding the psychology behind how users behave and interact with digital interfaces is the most valuable non-design skill a designer can have.

These psychological principles help you design products and experiences that are more intuitive and human-centred.

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Courtesy of Jon Yablonski - author of
Laws of UX.




Let knowledge flourish.

“For knowledge work to flourish, the workplace must be one where people feel able to share their knowledge! This means sharing concerns, questions, mistakes, and half-formed ideas.”

― Amy C. Edmondson

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Courtesy of Dave Cunningham - author of
Design Team Tactics.


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