Idea Tactics: the best idea generation techniques in a box

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Ditch creative block. Unleash big ideas

Idea Tactics is a card deck of 54 techniques that help you clarify your creative  challenge and come up with bucketloads of ideas. Written by creativity consultant, Joel Stein.

We all like cutting to the chase, but having lots of ideas is the best way to find the magical ones – that’s why it’s so handy having a trusted bank of tools and techniques you can reach for anytime, based on an infinitely remixable set of idea generation steps. 

Idea Tactics helps prime you for creative thinking with methods informed by 
the latest research in neuroscience, emotions, and cognition. There are also 
methods to help you find fresh inspiration in surprising places, methods that 
guide you through group creative exercises, and cards to ready you for making your ideas real.

These are brainstorming techniques for people that like to execute, giving you 
a complete idea generation process that balances playfulness with purpose.  
This is your ultimate idea system, whether you’re looking for team creative 
exercises or you work solo. It’s flexible enough for all types of ideas – perfect 

  • Design teams looking for breakthroughs
  • Marketers developing campaign concepts 
  • Writers in search of something fresh to say 
  • Brainstorming gift ideas for your brother-in-law

Idea Tactics gets more powerful the more you use it – every time you practise 
these exercises, it’s like a trip to the creativity-gym. You and your team will feel your creative muscles getting stronger and looser with every session. 

Are you ready to push your thinking deeper, wider, and further than ever before?

Are you ready to find out what your mind really has to offer? 

Check out the Idea Strategy System to see how it works for yourself!

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Idea Strategy System

Is your creative challenge crystal clear?

Have you thought-provoking material ready to inspire you?

Do you already have some ideas?

Do any of them excite or surprise you?

Have you described your most interesting ideas in detail?

Do you know what to prioritise?

Make something real and get feedback

Recipe Recipe

Ideas can change the world. See which problems you can solve by combining different Idea Tactics.

Prime Prime

Ready your body and mind to make creative leaps.

Frame Frame

Describe your challenge and draw the boundaries of your creative playground.

Explore Explore

See existing insights with fresh, bright, wide-open eyes, and create artefacts to inspire ideas.

Diverge Diverge

Go wide – approach your challenge from different angles and generate lots of potential directions.

Stretch Stretch

Push your ideas further without losing sight of what matters.

Refine Refine

Add detail and depth to your strongest ideas.

Review Review

Get meaningful feedback, identify the most compelling elements of your ideas, and decide which ideas to pursue.