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What is the Storyboard card?

Sketch the key stages in a person’s experience of
your idea.

Here are a few ways you can use a Storyboard:

• To sketch out multiple steps in a single user flow
• To visualise how your idea fits into someone’s life
• To contextualise your idea over time (e.g. showing how people find it, what they do next, or why they come back)

How to use the Storyboard card

1. Share any ideas you want to develop visually (plus interesting inputs from your Explore phase), and give everyone a chance to digest and reflect.

2. Divide sheets of paper into six blocks, with space for commentary under each and space for a title at the top (A3 if possible, but you can also do this digitally).

3. Set a timer for 30 minutes and invite everyone to sketch six scenes that show how their idea might work. Scenes should be sequential, each showing a moment in time. A moment could be on a screen, out in the world or a combination.

4. Under each scene, ask people to briefly describe what’s happening.

5. Give the storyboard a title – something short, clear, and ideally a bit unusual.

6. Give each person 2 minutes to talk through their storyboard.

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