Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons - Pip Decks

What is the Angels & Demons card?

Shine a light on any issues that might hold your idea back, and identify what will improve its chances of success.

In this energetic group activity, one team will be the demons who want to derail the idea, and one team will be the angels who want to see it shine.

How to use the Angels & Demons card

1. Divide your group into two evenly sized teams. If possible, mix people with different perspectives.

2. Tell your angels they’re here to guide the team’s idea forward and illuminate the path to success. Tell your demons they’re here to mess everything up.

3. Give both teams 10 minutes to list on sticky notes all the thoughts, feelings, and actions that could help (angels) or hinder (demons) the idea.

4. Now it’s time for battle. Invite a demon to step forward first and read out one of their notes.

For example: “There’s no clear decision maker

5. Then it’s an angel’s turn. Their job is to counter that concern with a note of their own. Do they have a good response?

For example: “We’ll plan a roles and responsibilities session

6. Continue like this until either the sticky notes or energy run out. Expect a little sassiness as people get more into character.

Tip ‒ you can use what you learn here to:

• strengthen your idea;

• improve empathy and communication in your team;

• plan how you’ll test and launch your idea.

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