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What is the SICFAM card?

Prioritise ideas by scoring them on six key criteria.

What makes an idea good? Context is everything (obviously), but there are some fundamentals too. This card will help you find your most high-potential ideas and ruthlessly prioritise them.

How to use the SICFAM card

1. Introduce your team to the six dimensions of the SICFAM framework. Ideas will be scored 1‒5 on each of these dimensions:

• Simple: how easily could you describe the idea to a child?

• Interesting: how likely is it you’d discuss the idea at a party?

• Coherent: how true does the idea feel to your identity (as an individual, a team, or a brand)? Does it move you closer to your vision?

• Feasible: how easily can you do it?

• Audience-appropriate: how confident are you the right people will embrace your idea?

• Memorable: what’s the chance people will remember your idea in 30 years?

2. Gather any ideas you want to review, and invite everyone to privately write down a score from 1 (lowest) – 5 (highest) on the SICFAM dimensions for each idea.

3. Collect everyone’s scores, take them away, and add up the totals to get an overall ranking for your ideas.

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