What Next?

What Next? - Pip Decks

What is a What Next session?

Stock your collective brain-bank with compelling new ideas.

Many teams feel like their work is dictated from above. But with a well-stocked vault of near-term opportunities, you’ll find it easier to take control. Regularly running this session will also help you build cognitive flexibility, making it easier to adapt to unforeseen events in future.

How do you run the What Next session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. Make a Meme

Make a Meme - Pip DecksCommunicate your opportunity in a way that feels stupidly simple yet profoundly true.

2. 6-3-5

6-3-5 - Pip Decks

Generate loads of possible creative directions in a flash. Rule nothing out.

3. Eight-Box Blitz

Crazy Eights - Pip Decks

Explore a smaller set of ideas more thoughtfully, but continue reserving judgement.

4. Yes, and...

Yes, and... - Pip Decks

Push your ideas further.

5. T-Bar

T-Bar - Pip Decks

Refine and communicate any ideas that feel practical enough to begin prototyping tomorrow.

6. PrioriTree

PrioriTree - Pip Decks

Distil the essence of your strongest ideas and decide what to try first.

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