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What is the T-Bar card?

Capture ideas in a format that anyone can quickly understand.

Using this simple template, you can describe pretty much any idea before you decide whether to develop it further. It will help you think through the details, compare against other ideas, and gather feedback.

How to use the T-Bar card

1. Ask each person to draw a ‘T’ covering the height and width of a piece of paper.

2. Explain how to fill it in:

• Sketch the idea in the space on the left. What’s the clearest way you can show the essence or most important element of the idea?
• Describe the idea in bullet points on the right. Clarify its purpose. Explain why it’s useful or interesting. You can also describe how people will find it, or what they’d do next.
• Add a snappy title at the top. If you can’t think of a memorable name, imagine what the headline would be if someone else wrote about it.

3. Allow 10 minutes for people to complete their T-Bar.

4. Invite everyone to display their T-Bar and spend 10 minutes discussing any commonalities, or ways to combine elements from different ideas.

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