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What is the Make a Meme card?

Customise or invent a meme to make your context easier to grasp.

Memes are often ugly, absurd, and at times incomprehensible. But they’re also an efficient way to simplify and share complex ideas. You can use memes to spread understanding of something fast, and as a springboard for ideas.

How to use the Make a Meme card

1. Find a tool you like first by searching “meme generator” online.

2. Give everyone 10 minutes to explore memes online (either current, or nostalgic).

3. Explain that the aim is to capture the essence of your challenge or idea in the simplest/most shareable way. This could be done from the user’s perspective, or from the team’s point of view.

Give people another 5 minutes to create a meme using your chosen meme generator tool.

4. Ask everyone to display their memes where the whole group can see them.

5. Pay attention to any that generate lots of laughter – there’s probably a deep truth distilled there.

You’re now ready to move into the Diverge phase with a firmer grip on your creative challenge.

Twist: don’t use a pre-made meme tool. Instead, invent brand new meme templates from scratch.

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