What is the 6-3-5 card?

Get to over 100 ideas in 30 minutes.

When you want lots of ideas, this is the most ruthlessly efficient tool there is. Also known as “brainwriting”, this method provides a structure for rapidly capturing ideas, and gets people iterating on each other’s ideas without letting louder individuals dominate.

How to use the 6-3-5 card

• 6 people
• 3 ideas each per round
• 5 minutes per round

1. Give each person a sheet with three columns and six rows.

2. Give everyone 5 minutes to fill in only their first row, with three distinct ideas.

3. When 5 minutes is up, each person must pass their sheet to the person to their right (you can do this alphabetically online).

Then set another 5 minute timer and invite everyone to fill in the next row on the sheet they’ve been given, using the ideas in front of them as inspiration.

4. Repeat this cycle until all 6 rows have been filled

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