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What is the PrioriTree card?

Break down the various elements of an idea and decide where to begin when prototyping it.

This nature-inspired technique helps you:

• Visualise connections and dependencies between elements of your idea

• Rank elements by importance/urgency

• Consider long-term potential

How to use the PrioriTree card?

1. Introduce the PrioriTree and explain its four layers:

• Essence: what’s the core of the idea in 4 words or less?

• Execution: what’s the imagined format of the idea? How will it look and where will it live?

• Elevation: what elements might not be essential for now, but make the idea more compelling?

• Eventually: what elements reflect a longer-term vision for the idea?

2. Pick a promising idea that you’d like to test, then spend 10 minutes individually picking out the component parts of the idea on sticky notes. These elements can relate to the content or interface, or to the intended quality of a user’s experience. But they should always be fairly specific.

Good example: “playful add-to-basket button”

Bad example: “surprise and delight”

3. Plot your ideas on the tree, welcoming discussion and debate about where each element belongs.


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