Invent an Animal

Invent an Animal - Pip Decks

What is the Invent an Animal card?

Connect with your imagination – create a new animal and give it a name.

The possibilities for strange new creature concepts are endless. This is an opportunity for wordplay, weirdness, and unlikely combinations. Let your inner child run wild.

How to use the Invent an Animal card

1. Make sure everyone has a pen and paper, then give them 5 minutes to each invent their own animal (ask for a simple sketch, and a name for their strange new creation).

2. Get everyone to display their pictures so the rest of the group can see them, then give the group a minute to take it all in.
Expect a mix of laughter and “what the...?”

Tip: combining or modifying existing animals from the real world is the natural approach to this task for most people. Occasionally someone will invent a truly new creature that feels like an act of pure imagination. Savour those moments, and find more chances to collaborate with those people.

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