Fantasies of the Future

Fantasies of the Future - Pip Decks

What is a Fantasies of the Future session?

Explore ideas for long-term change and unknown futures.

The future is always uncertain, and that can freak us out. But by embracing novelty whilst remembering unchanging truths, you can begin manifesting a world worth getting excited about.

How do you run the Fantasies of the Future session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. Combinaboard

Combinaboard - Pip Decks

Visualise important problems worth solving or intriguing trends worth pondering.

2. Mash-Up

Mash-Up - Pip Decks

Find novel connections to fuel fresh ideas.

3. Human Truths

Human Truths - Pip Decks

Reflect on what doesn’t change to give your ideas a timeless quality.

4. T-Bar

T-Bar - Pip Decks

Capture ideas based on the most interesting things you noticed during steps 2 and 3.

5. Big Beats

Big Beats - Pip Decks

Tell a story that foregrounds your idea in a dynamic, desirable future world.

6. Like, Wish, Wonder

Like, Wish, Wonder - Pip Decks

Share your ideas with others and get them invested in the future you’ve imagined.

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