Like, Wish, Wonder

Like, Wish, Wonder - Pip Decks

What is the Like, Wish, Wonder card?

Get feedback that focusses on positives and possibilities to unlock bigger and better ideas.

After getting constructive input, strengthen your ideas further before subjecting them to more scrutiny.

How to use the Like, Wish, Wonder card

1. Briefly summarise the idea you want to review, then write the following headings on your whiteboard/wall.

Like, Wish, Wonder Table - Pip Decks

Alternatively, if you have a detailed visual or design to show, you can have people add colour-coded sticky notes directly to that. That way, you can easily see which element each piece of feedback relates to.

2. Set a timer for 5 minutes and ask everyone to write as many likes as they want.

For example: “I like that this helps an under-served audience

3. Give everyone another 5 minutes for wishes.

For example: “I wish there was a way to make the onboarding process more welcoming

4. Give everyone 5 more minutes for wonders.

For example: “I wonder if we could prototype this with [cool free tool]

5. Group the feedback into any obvious themes.

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