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What is the Thunk card?

Promote opinionated but flexible thinking using questions with more than one possible response –questions that make your brain go “ouch!”.

Thunks liberate us from the delusion that there’s always a right or wrong answer (or idea).

How to use the Thunk card?

1. Pick a Thunk to discuss with the group. Here are some examples:

• If I compose a song but never play it, is it music?
• Can you touch the wind?
• Is it ever possible to define the meaning of “cool”?
• Are you the same person you were 20 minutes ago?
• Would life be better if you could never fail?
• Is your shadow part of you?
• Can you choose to like a piece of art?
• Would life be better without mobile phones?
• Is there more happiness or sadness in the world?
• If you expect the unexpected, is the unexpected still a surprise?

Tip: you can easily find more Thunks online.

2. Find someone willing to argue the “yes” answer and someone willing to make the case for “no”, then chair a 5-minute debate.

3. Ask if anyone has any strong opinions to add – allow a minute or so for this.

4. Take a vote to see which position the group found more persuasive.

5. Remind everyone that there’s probably not one “correct” way to respond to our creative challenge, and that the task for this session is to unlock new ways of thinking.

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