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What is the Mega Memo card?

Write an internal press release for your idea that centres the user and helps you get buy-in.

Following the template is one thing. But doing it without any “geek speak” is the key, according to former Amazon and Airbnb exec Ian McAllister. This tactic is adapted from a method described as “Amazon’s secret weapon”.

How to use the Mega Memo card

Your Mega Memo should include the following:

• Heading: give your idea a name (something your target audience would understand and remember).

• Subheading: describe, in one sentence, who the audience is for your idea, and what value they get from it. Be specific.

• Summary: summarise the idea and the audience benefit in a little more detail. Assume people won’t read past this point, so make it good.

• Problem/opportunity: describe the problem your idea solves, or the valuable opportunity it unlocks, in no more than three sentences.

• Solution: briefly describe how your idea does this.

• Team quote: add a short quote from you or someone on your team that explains where the idea came from or why you’re excited about it.

• How to get started: describe the easiest way for your organisation to begin making this idea real.

• 5* review: add a quote from an imagined person who’s had a perfect experience with your idea.

• Wrap-up: repeat your most compelling three points in even punchier terms.

• Call to action: tell your reader what you’d like them to do next.

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