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What is the ProvocaPrompts card?

Strengthen your ideas with a set of provocative questions.

High-performing creative teams are great at playfully provoking and challenging each other. They don’t get trapped in groupthink. This tactic helps you explore new possibilities, whilst also encouraging ruthless reflection.

How to use the ProvocaPrompts card

Tip: you can run this activity either with a single “sparring partner”, or with a bigger group.

1. Pick a single idea that got a positive reaction during the Diverge or Refine phase, then explain that you’re going to prod and push the idea to make it stronger.

2. Pick any 3 questions from the following list and set a timer for 15 minutes, either inviting everyone to add their thoughts on sticky notes under all 3 questions, or dividing the group into smaller teams, each considering a single prompt.

ProvocaPrompts Table - Pip Decks

These questions aren’t supposed to be easy, so you’ll get a better outcome if you try this tactic when you’re all feeling reasonably energised.

3. Spend 15 minutes discussing what has surfaced, then plan a Refine activity using these insights.

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