Concerns, Confusions, Conflicts

Concerns, Confusions, Conflicts - Pip Decks

What is the Concerns, Confusions, Conflicts card?

Stress-test your ideas through structured critique.

Withholding criticism during most of your creative process helps radical ideas surface, but at certain points critique is healthy.

How to use the Concerns, Confusions, Conflicts card

1. Briefly summarise the idea up for review, then write the following headings on your whiteboard/wall.

Confusions, Concerns, Conflicts Diagram - Pip Decks

Alternatively, if you have a detailed visual or design to show, you can have people add colour-coded sticky notes directly to that. That way, you can easily see which element each piece of feedback relates to.

2. Offer any of the following prompts for each heading and set a 15 minute timer for this activity.

Concerns – why might this idea not work? What aspects have been overlooked? What context has been missed? What unintended consequences could there be?

Confusions – what don’t you understand about the idea? What might confuse the audience? What could be made clearer?

Conflicts – would pursuing this idea stop us doing something else? Does the idea contradict our vision or strategy? Could the idea cause anyone to act against their own interests?

3. Use this feedback to Refine the idea.

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