Perform the Problem

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What is the Perform the Problem card?

Act out a problem to help people understand it and make it feel real.

It’s amazing when you find just the right words to describe a problem, or successfully sketch something that makes it easier to understand. But sometimes human interaction is the best way to make it real (and memorable). Both performers and observers will get a deeper sense of what’s going on.

How to use the Perform the Problem card

Tip: this activity works best in person, and with participants who know and trust each other.

1. Divide your group into teams of three. Hand each team a piece of paper and ask them to write down the most important problem they’re trying to solve, and 1–3 questions they need to answer to get the solution right.

2. Give each team 10 minutes to plan a short (1–2 minute) scene that demonstrates the problem, making use of any available props.

3. Have each team perform their scene to the rest of the group. After each performance, ask the audience what problem they think they’ve just observed, before sticking up the performers’ problem/questions sheet and comparing.

4. With a new perspective on one or more problems, use Eight-Box Blitz or Lotus Blossoms to explore what activities you might do to answer the questions that have surfaced.

Optional: do a quick checkout to see how people found this activity – ask them to pick one word that sums up how it felt, and rate how eager they are to try it again on a scale of 1–10 (1 = that was excruciating, no thanks; 10 = that was enlightening, yes please).

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