Lotus Blossoms

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What is the Lotus Blossoms card?

Rapidly generate and evolve ideas over 3 rounds.

Fun fact: the Japanese variety of the lotus plant called Ohmi Myoren (“strange lotus”) can have between 2,000 and 5,000 petals. You won’t have 5,000 ideas by the end of this exercise, but you might be surprised where it takes you.

How to use the Lotus Blossoms card

1. Each person will need three “blossom” blocks, each containing nine squares. This can be done by folding three sheets of paper, or using sticky notes.

2. Ask everyone to write the agreed creative challenge in the centre of the first flower, then give them 5 minutes to fill the eight empty squares with ideas – just short phrases or headlines for now.

3. Invite everyone to pick their favourite idea from round 1 and place it in the centre of their second flower. Then take 5 minutes to add builds or twists on that idea in all eight empty squares.

Before the final round, consider using Yes, and... to maximise cross-pollination across your group.

4. Allow 5 more minutes for round three. Again, the strongest idea from the previous round moves to the centre, and this is adapted or used as inspiration for more possibilities.

5. Follow up with a Refine activity like T-Bar.

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