How Might We?

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What is the How Might We card?

Craft a question that gives you the freedom to explore many solutions.
Inputs could include:

• Existing research
• Lessons you learned from testing other ideas
• An opportunity you feel passionate about

How to use the How Might We card

1. Make sure you’ve gathered any research or important information that will help people come up with relevant How Might We? (HMW) questions.

Tip: think about the best way to share that information with the wider group. Will someone talk them through it? Maybe they’ll be given time to silently read? Could you turn your insights into a quiz?

2. Quickly explain the concept of HMW. Show people one or two examples. For Idea Tactics, early HMWs could have been “How might we help people overcome creative block?” or “How might we banish bad brainstorms?”

Tip: they should be open ended, but also narrow enough to be of practical use. So “How might we do something creative?” wouldn’t cut it.

3. Ask people to individually write down as many HMW questions as they can on sticky notes – either during the presentation of information, or after having a chance to digest.

4. Invite people to quickly talk through their HMWs, and group them into any obvious themes that emerge.

5. Use Invest Your PipCoins to decide which question feels like the most

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