Invest Your PipCoins

Invest Your PipCoins - Pip Decks

What is the Invest Your PipCoins card?

Rank multiple ideas by thinking in bets.

Even an imaginary cartoon currency can help bring risk and reward into focus. With your ideas clearly ranked, it will be much easier to decide what to prototype.

How to use the Invest Your PipCoins card

1. Explain that each person has been given 100 PipCoins to invest in promising ideas. Invite people to think about the potential pay-offs if they execute each idea, as well as any risks.

2. Ask everyone to privately note down which ideas they want to invest in, and how much. It’s up to each individual to invest as they see fit – putting all 100 PipCoins on a single idea is a valid option, but they can be spread around in units of 5 or 10 as participants please.

3. As facilitator, it’s your job to collect everyone’s investment plans, add up the PipCoin totals for each idea, and then rank them in order to share and discuss with the wider group.

If there’s no clear winner, consider minting some more imaginary PipCoins and inviting more people to join the game. Even better if they haven’t been involved in this creative process so far.

Optional: once you’ve identified your leading idea, you can stress-test it with Concerns, Confusions, Conflicts or push it further with Like, Wish, Wonder.

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