Dream Sketch

Dream Sketch - Pip Decks

What is the Dream Sketch card?

Go from zero to weird by drawing dreams.

When we reveal something hidden about ourselves, our connections with others become stronger. When we connect with our subconscious, our creative powers multiply. This exercise magically accomplishes both of these things at once.

How to use the Dream Sketch card?

1. Ask people to recall a recent image or sequence from one of their dreams, then give them 3 minutes to sketch this with as much or as little finesse as their drawing ability allows.

Not everyone remembers their dreams, so give people the option of taking a real memory, and changing or adding something to make it more surreal.

2. Give each person 1 minute to explain what they’ve drawn. Remind everyone that you’re not here to interpret whatever oddness you encounter (but people are welcome to form theories for themselves).

3. Thank everyone for letting you briefly crawl inside their brains, and encourage them not to censor any unusual ideas that bubble up as the session continues.

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