What Would X Do?

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What is the What Would X Do card?

Imagine how famous figures, fictional characters, or iconic brands might respond to your creative challenge.

By asking questions like “what would Banksy do?”, “what would Lisa Simpson do?” or “what would Rolex do?”, you can uncover new creative paths.

How to use the What Would X Do card

1. Assign each participant a person, character, or brand to embody. Pick figures or archetypes that are extreme in some way. If you prefer, you can divide your group into small teams of two or three for this task.

2. Set a timer for 3 minutes and get each individual or team to explore what they know about X using Mind Maps. These don’t need to be shared or discussed.

3. Now they’ve reflected on what makes their persona tick, it’s time to imagine how they’d approach the challenge at hand.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and get each individual/team to write down as many ideas as they can on sticky notes – what would X do if we gave them this brief?

Remind everyone that you’re looking for quantity here rather than ready-to-use ideas.

4. Have each individual/team spend 1 minute talking through their ideas.

5. Invite everyone to draw a star on any ideas that hint at a real opportunity (max three stars per person).

6. Use a tactic like Eight-Box Blitz to explore potential executions or adaptations of the starred ideas before you move into the Refine phase.

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