Deep Impact

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What is the Deep Impact card?

Make greater positive change with your idea by considering different perspectives.

“Impact” can be a slippery word. Everyone has their own definition. Look beyond the obvious goals for your idea and think through outcomes from diverse points of view. Use the questions on the back for personal reflection or team discussion.

How to use the Deep Impact card

How might cultural habits change how your idea is used? How might your idea change culture? How would you explain your idea to an alien from outer space?

How could your idea better empower an underserved group? Who else could your idea benefit beyond your target users? What perspective have you failed to involve so far?

Why might people lose trust in your idea? How might they feel unsafe or exposed? What’s the worst headline about it you can imagine? How will you let people give you feedback? What will you do with that feedback?

What could a “bad actor” do with your idea? What would predatory or exploitative behaviour look like, using your idea? What features could be manipulated?

What would excessive interaction with your idea look like? How will you encourage engagement, and how will you make it easy to disconnect? How does your idea respect people’s boundaries and wellbeing? What would Mother Nature say?

How would a community of your most passionate fans behave? What might positive and negative communication around your idea look like? What happens if 100 million people use your product?

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