Zen Spiral

Zen Spiral - Pip Decks

What is the Zen Spiral card?

Calm your mind and make sketching seem less scary.

Simple, soothing, and no screens needed. This is a great tactic to use when work’s been a bit too hectic.

It’s true that we often have our best ideas in the shower. When that’s not an option, this is a great way to light up the brain’s default mode network, which plays a key role in imagination and spontaneous thinking.

How to use the Zen Spiral card

1. Make sure everyone has a pen and paper. Explain the task: starting in the middle of the page, draw a spiral without ever removing pen from paper.

2. Set a 2 minute timer – people should aim to continue drawing for the whole time.

3. Get everyone to display their spirals for the rest of the group.

Tip: encourage people to use their bodies in other novel and mindful ways during breaks; balancing, stretching or dancing, for example.

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